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Gezondtijd! ('Health time!' - a Dutch play on words referring to 'gezondheid' = health and 'tijd' = time) is a collaboration between several advocates for a healthier time policy in the Netherlands: Better Times Platform (formerly B-Society NL), Standard time and Stop the summertime, the clock has to turn back (including a petition with over 64.000 signatures)

In response to the EU proposal 'European directive on discontinuing seasonal changes of time' and the usual sentiment-based discussions on this topic, we have joined forces to draw attention to the new scientific insights into this complex issue and its broad social impact.

DST-changes and time zone have a broad social impact

We have been invited to the various DST expert sessions that the Ministry of the Interior (BZK) held from October 2018 to June 2019. On August 15th we presented and explained our position paper 'Timing is everything’ to BZK officials. They forwarded our paper for notification to the Royal Institute For Public Health and Environment (RIVM) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS). 

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You can check out some interesting articles and research links from our paper's references under Resources. Our position paper is now available in English and can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right or below. Table of contents:

Purpose of this paper
1. Motivation 
1a - European directive on discontinuing seasonal changes of time
1b - State of affairs in the Netherlands
2. Context
2a - Origin of time zones and standard times
2b - Origin of bi-annual clock changes / DST
2c - The biological clock and rhythms
2d - The importance of sleep
2e - Chronotypes
2f - Social jetlag and time zones
2g - The importance of light
3. Social consequences
3a - Health
3b - Work
3c - Education
3d - Traffic and transport
3e - Safety
3f - Energy and environment
3g - Finance and economy 
4. Conclusions
- High time for a Time policy!
- Dutch best option
- European best option
- References
- About the authors
- Version control

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